English Department

Writing Programs

Two classes, English 101 and English 102, comprise the foundation of the English Department's composition writing program. All students completing a degree or certificate at C.S.I. must take English 101, and many programs of study require both English 101 and 102. A course in Developmental Composition is offered for students who need preparation before taking English 101, and in Intermediate Expository Composition students can develop their writing styles and practice more advanced research techniques. The classes in the composition program equip students with writing, research, and analytical thinking skills that will serve them in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

To help students understand and fulfill their composition requirements, the English Department recommends the following information on COMPASS test placement, what class you should take, what happens on the first day of a composition class, and Outcomes Assessment.

In addition to the composition writing program, we also offer a creative writing program that includes classes in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

If you are an aspiring poet, English 291 offers the chance to explore poetry through voice and imagery, while learning some of the traditional forms. In both a lecture and workshop environment, you will study the works of professional poets as well your fellow students. This course will inspire and challenge you to experience poetry as a serious craft.

If you want to learn the "tricks of the trade, the "inside story," or the "dope" on writing, then English 292, Creative Writing Fiction, is class is for you. We'll show you how to get rid of clichés and get original! You even get a shot at publication in the CSI literary journal Silo. Eat your heart out Hemingway.

Or consider English 293, Creative Writing Nonfiction. In this course students study the devices and techniques used by contemporary professional writers of creative nonfiction. You will experiment with various forms of creative nonfiction, which may include memoirs, profiles, exploratory essays, short short essays, segmented essays, and humorous essays. Students are introduced to potential markets and encouraged to submit one piece for publication.

The creative writing classes are open to all students who have an interest in writing. Whether you are an English major or an Engineering major, a practicing poet or an aspiring author, there's a creative writing class that's right for you.