All degree-seeking students, high school students taking courses on campus or at one of the outreach centers, and non degree-seeking students taking a math or English course, must take the CSI placement test before registering at the College of Southern Idaho. CSI uses the COMPASS test from American College Testing for placement. The results from the test are intended to be used during the educational planning process to assist students in selecting appropriate level courses in which they will be successful. The test measures a student's ability in a number of areas, including math, reading and writing. Your score on the writing portion of the exam will determine the English class for which you should register. For information about taking the COMPASS test, visit the Campus Testing Center in the Academic Development Center on the second floor of the Meyerhoeffer Building.

The Idaho State Board of Education recently mandated changes in how students are placed in freshman writing at all of Idaho's colleges and universities. The table below explains:

Course ACT SAT/Verbal AP English CLEP COMPASS
ENGL 090 17 or below 440 or below N/A N/A 47 - 69
ENGL 101 18 - 24 450 - 560 N/A N/A 70 - 94
ENGL 102 25 - 30 570 - 690 3 - 4   95 - 99
ENGL 201* 31 and above 700 and above 5 44+ N/A

*All students receiving an associates degree from the college must experience at least one writing course from CSI. Therefore, any student who receives credit for both English 101 and English 102 through an exam process will be required to take English 201, Intermediate Expository Composition.