Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment is designed to assist in departmental program assessment and act as a measure of student proficiency at semester's end. Our department has agreed upon a standard of proficiency, or a certain level of writing ability, that a student must achieve before she can pass out of certain English classes. We measure that proficiency by giving an essay "test" to all writing students in those courses.

A student writes the Outcomes Assessment essay near the end of the course, after she has spent the semester honing her writing skills. The essay is read by two English faculty other than the student's instructor. Those faculty must agree that the essay meets the standards of proficiency for either 090 or 101 in order for the student to pass the class.

At this time, English 102 students are not required to write and an Outcomes Assessment essay, although they are required to hand in a portfolio of their coursework at the end of the semester to be used in departmental program assessment.


Outcomes Assessment Process